We enjoy exploring the culinary landscape, near and far. We have a penchant for gorgeously prepared, flavorful food that mirrors art and transcends mere nutritional sustenance. From flavorful comfort foods to an elevated molecular gastronomy dessert, we are in constant search of restaurants and eateries that are up and coming or well-established.  We provide food-related news, reviews, and insights. Come along with us on our wonderful food experiences and see what may tantalize your taste buds.






We seek out experiences that are not to be missed. Festivals, music, visual art, and stirring performances are just some of the events are we hope to fill you in on. Stay tuned for tips to see the best shows, the best artists, and how to see and be seen.






We go to must-see destinations. We showcase some of the best itineraries. We take the road less traveled and justify the quintessential attractions of a locale. We hope to bring the world to your screen, and join our travel aspirations.


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Nora is the co-founder of Thazeri, polyglot and travel addict.  Ever since she was a little girl growing up in Baku, Azerbaijan, she dreamt of one day traveling the world, learning about other cultures and, of course, tasting as much local food as possible in the process.


Nora is equally enthusiastic about visiting such exotic destination as the Maldives and dining at a 3-star Michelin establishment as she is about exploring the mountain villages of Azerbaijan and eating street food in Vietnam.  She is always on the lookout for the next exciting adventure whether it involves jetting off to a far-flung locale, discovering a new hole-in-the-wall restaurant in NYC or trying the hottest spot in town.





Joy is the co-founder of Thazeri, party junkie, and fervent foodie.  Joy’s clinical practice has augmented her own quest for lifestyle delights, the small pleasures and euphoric thrills that enrich our daily experiences.   From midwest greasy spoons to opulent culinary treasures, Joy searches high and low for the thrilling flavors and genre-innovating dishes.


A former thespian and classics scholar, Joy once enjoyed exegeses of raunchy Cattulus poetry.  She has since become a voracious reader of Japanese manga, and her hunt for new series embraces both vintage and contemporary titles.  When Joy is busy researching Michelin-rated restaurant developments at home, her Shih-tzu companion McCoy keeps himself busy watching Law & Order marathons.






Rex is Head of Marketing at Thazeri, food aficionado, and social blogger who "lives to eat." Rex loves introducing the dining enthusiast to new culinary experiences.  Residing in the San Francisco Bay Area, he enjoys the bounty of top-quality restaurants and eateries in the region.


One of his most cherished memories was serving as concertmaster of his university orchestra;  Rex was a passionate musician in a previous life, the violin his aural weapon of choice. Ever the cultural connoisseur, he examines the classical, the ephemeral, the avant-garde -- which speaks to his open approach for the arts in all forms of expression.